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How To Increase Direct Traffic To Your Website

    How To Increase Traffic For Mass Earning Commissions

    Traffic, Traffic, Who Needs Traffic! How To Increase Direct Traffic To Your Website.

    Everyone has their own reasons for venturing into the online world. As for me, I’m learning how to build a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch. With that comes having to create my own website and blog.

    Now I can have the best-looking site on the planet and a product that will knock your socks off, but without targeted traffic and lots of it, my sites will die a slow death.

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post titled “Free Methods For Driving Traffic to Your Blog“. It was a big hit and a few people told me that they had learned a few new things. It really makes me happy when I hear that because hopefully, you found my blog, started reading through it and I’m able to help you while you are on your own journey. That’s another reason I love visiting other people’s blogs as well.

    So this week I have a few other traffic methods I want to share with you.


    How To Increase Direct Traffic To Your Website

    Guest Posting

    I received my first invitation to write a guest post. After leaving a comment on one of Steve Roy’s posts, he read my comment and decided to head over to my main blog and take a look around.

    Sure enough, he read through some of my posts, checked out my “About Me” page, and decided I would be a good addition to his blog “Ending the Grind“. I’m so excited because it’s my first official invitation.

    It seems like everywhere I go, people keep telling me that I need to start writing guest posts for other blogs. It’s one of the best sources of traffic to their own site and their stats have really increased after their posts have gone live.

    It helps to introduce you to people who may have never run across your information otherwise. At the end of your post, you get the opportunity to tell people more about you and where they can visit your blog.

    Just from my blog commenting and building relationships, I’ve had one other lady tell me that I’m welcome any time to write a guest post on her site.

    I’ll write my first post this weekend and then submit it to Steve for his review. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it all goes well. If you are still interresting in reading my first guest post, I’ll share that link with you all in a future post.

    Traffic, Traffic, Who Needs Traffic! Now don’t be like me and drag your feet with guest blogging. I used the same excuse I once used as to why I wasn’t implementing blog commenting.

    There is just never enough time. Well, if it will benefit you and your site, you need to find the time. So how do you locate blogs that accept guest posts? My friend Dahlia Valentine has made it really easy for us with her post she recently wrote “50+ Internet Marketing Blogs That Are Looking For Guest Bloggers“.

    She’s gone and done all the work for us. So all of our excuses that we can’t find blogs to write a post for are gone. Get going and start writing. Get your blogs and YOU noticed!


    I was invited to join which is an invitation-only site. You can read more about it at The Triberr owner is Dino Dogan of DIY Blogger. It’s a community where you get an invitation from someone you know who is already on a tribe.

    Once you join, your tribe consists of a total of 7 people. You are then given 3 tribes of your own so you can then invite 7 people to join each tribe.

    When you post a new blog post, it’s automatically retweeted by each of your tribe members. So if you are on one tribe then that means your blog posts are being retweeted 7 different times by 7 different people. If you invited 7 people to join each of your 3 tribes, then you now have 28 different people tweeting your posts.

    Since I just joined yesterday, I won’t have an update for you for a little while but everyone I’ve spoken to who has been with this since the beginning, which has only been a month now, they are really starting to see a spike in their traffic to their blogs. I am only expecting good things to come from this.

    So, this is what I would like to do for you. If you have an interest in joining one of my tribes then leave me a comment with your blog link and let me know why you would be interested in joining one of my tribes.

    I’ll be personally contacting you with an invitation to join after I’ve looked through everyone’s comments. I only see this as a win-win situation regarding traffic and you don’t even have to do anything.

    It’s all automatically done for you. Now that’s just downright cool!



    Traffic, Traffic, Who Needs Traffic!

    So I have a couple of freebies for you that just might help you step up your game with your video marketing.

    Now hopefully most people are already implementing videos into their marketing methods. Trust me when I tell you that people love videos. It’s the best way to get your information out there and help others learn.

    But a lot of people have not invested in a screen capture software like Camtasia. That software is $299 and no, they don’t have an affiliate program so I wouldn’t make any commissions if you were to purchase it through this link.

    But, it’s what I use and I love it. They do have a 30-day free trial though so if nothing else, give it a shot for 30 days and try it out.

    There is an alternative to Camtasia though and I have learned that not everyone is aware of this. It’s name CamStudio and it’s free. This way you can help others learn how to do certain things online so if you aren’t ready to get in front of the camera yet, you can use this software instead.

    You know we all love to learn and we love others to show us how to do things. This is the best program for doing just that. Check out some of my videos on my YouTube channel and you’ll see what I mean. I even have a video over in my sidebar so be sure to check out my latest one.

    One other thing I want to share with you regarding videos is that you are probably aware that squeeze pages are great for getting people to your site and having them opt-in in order to receive some type of free information right! Well, video squeeze pages are still BIG! But not everyone is able to make them or wants to invest in expensive software.


    More Giveaway Scoop

    Traffic, Traffic, Who Needs Traffic! So last week I shared with you that I had just started learning about giveaways. Am a little late in implementing this and hope to be able to give you some great reports on my traffic soon?

    While visiting my friend Linda’s blog, I came across her post “New List of JV Partners Giveaways“. Again, Linda has done all the work for us and given us a very long list of giveaways that are going on right now. So, my list was pretty wimpy because I was just getting started so here is a BIG Thank YOU to Linda for supplying us with such an awesome list. She’s another “Forward to Marketing” student and is doing such an awesome job!



    Trusty old Twitter, yet another source of traffic that is not new. But, what I wanted to share with you is that since I do visit other people’s blogs everyday and I comment on their posts, I retweet their posts to my friends on Twitter. Because of this, I am now getting a lot more traffic to my blog.

    If you do not have a Twitter button on your site then shame on you. You definitely need to get one of those on your blog today. You need to make it easy and simple for your readers to retweet your posts to all of their friends. Just like I’m doing by visiting other blogs and now with my Triberr members.

    After installing it you will have to go to the drop down menu on the left in your dashboard and arrange a few settings. Don’t forget to add your Twitter username. It’s really pretty easy to do…

    Traffic, Traffic, Who Needs Traffic! You may also notice that I now have a box at the bottom of this post that says “I Made It Really Easy For You To RT!”.

    I was searching for a way to get that on my site and I finally learned that you just need the “Twitter @Anywhere Plus” plug-in. Again, you can access that directly from your Plug-ins “Add New” section.

    After you install it you will need to go to the drop down menu on the left in your dashboard again and add a few things.

    Okay, that about wraps up this post for now. Hope this information was helpful. Just a few more things we can be doing to rev up our traffic methods. Never hurts to be introduced to more methods or others we weren’t aware of.

    Now don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. You know I always welcome your comments. Also, if you need any help. Leave me your info and hopefully, you’ll be hearing from me by the end of next week.


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